William Planes

William P. Planes


This book follows the life, experiences, and Christian Faith of a young boy born in Asia Minor in 1908; how he and his family managed to escape the Genocide of the Greek and Armenian Christians at the hands of Kamel Ataturk on September 13, 1922;

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Book Explores How One Man’s Faith Triumphed Over the Greek Genocide in Asia Minor

“I felt that what I had learned from my father and what the experience of these people were, our forefathers, are very important to what I had become,” Planes said, when asked why he wrote the book.
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The story of

William Planes

William Planes was born in New York and raised in Folly Beach, South Carolina and Coral Gables, Florida.

In high school he discovered chemistry and physics and entered the University of Miami as a pre-med student.

But Planes discovered he liked accounting more.

He switched to Florida State University at the request of his mother to keep an eye on his sister who was enrolled there. Planes ended up joining the fraternity Sigma Chi and pursuing an accounting degree.

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